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Introduction: Foods are a part of our everyday lives. It is important to know the food we eat and the nutrients that we need for a healthy lifestyle. This section provides information on foods and their nutrients, their health benefits, and what we should be eating every day.

  • Nutrients:
  • - Carbohydrates:
  • Provides energy to the body, necessary for the functioning of cells, tissues, and organs.
  • - Protein: Essential for growth and repair of muscles as well as making new blood cells.
  • - Fat: Needed for absorbing vitamins A, D, E, and K. It also helps in controlling mood swings, weight gain, or loss as well as regulating body temperature.
  • Health benefits:
  • - Carbohydrates: Helps indigestion

Foods are a part of our everyday lives. It is important to know the food we eat and the nutrients that we need for a healthy lifestyle. This section provides information on foods and their nutrients, their health benefits, and what we should be eating every day.

The American Dietetic Association defines nutrition as "the science that deals with the essential nutrients needed for the normal growth, development, and maintenance of the human body." Health is defined as "a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity."

The nutrients that are essential for humans are carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, and water. The body needs these nutrients to stay alive and healthy.


The food industry was in an awesome expansion as in 2010. It reaches a lot of population and everyone has a lot of views on food. Those views include how different products are made, which foods we have on the plate, and how much they cost and it can make or break our health. The one thing everyone had the same thing in common with was to look better, eat better and increase our health. That means creating healthier lifestyles and getting out of eating undesirable foods. These are great desires we all hope to achieve for ourselves. I find that the different types of the food the people is, the number of sales they have, products they have, and all these features that count for them deciding the products that sell in their store are how they were looking at how we processed our food and not the consumption of food.

When most of the consumers buy new products, it doesn’t happen for anything. As we said most purchases are by impulse. We are driven to buy something that looks good, tasting good, or perhaps non-expensive. The reason the products are well-performing is how good they are, great packaging and storage, prices, and the variety of products make the likelihood of receiving more attention. The reason we would put this food on our plates can be, the products would look appealing. We have more varieties of food, not one that looks identical for all of us. This explains why some tend to discard some (although mostly safe) food because it may not look as appealing as what is on the plate.

When seeing the different products is always (though not always at the same time) when people are going to be out shopping. Shopping is that greatest time of the day where the consumer most likely feels the urge to get whatever they need, this is usually when they are browsing for the store on the way to or a quick pickup. This makes the consumer out shopping by purchasing more products which then likely would be at a higher cost, than just having one or two. Consumer out spending money when looking at similar products can only be good for the consumer but also cause people to lose money. However because there are some serious effects on the company that we buy from for their company to lose money, they stay mostly in business, a simple fashion store like Fruit and Veg in Scottsdale, AZ or a supermarket like Central supermarket in the UK that produce the food. They are generating a lot of income from these companies.

The best perspective on how to have an impact on healthy behaviors and consumption is a change in shopping habits. This can include producing your food in your kitchen so that you are eating healthy foodand can produce your food. Allowing yourself to purchase inexpensive organic and natural foods and food that do not have too many sugars and dairy. Going food shopping to choose some products that are healthier foods and fresh juices, in addition to those that have low calories. Shopping during the daytime when you are in a mood to be healthy eating. Maybe leaving your time for your lunch or before/after a happy hour, or working at home. Cutting down on what you have in the store when you buy them to get fresh foods. This will also save you money on the checkout line.

With the proper knowledge, you can eat healthy food and cut down on the amount of weight in the long run. It will be obvious by this point where the company is going to lose money on that business.

If all the people just wanted a healthier lifestyle, we would all have fewer diseases of diabetes, weight gain, hypertension, and cancer, etc. There would be fewer accidents on the road (like driver’s licenses, speed limits, a driver’s license would be effective. Oh, I found you kidding me), no car crashes, or vehicular manslaughter. What sort of world we would see to be healthier than the situation today. Would there still be even a necessity for food processed food, so why can people not eat foods that are more natural and organic? Food packaging is cleaner today than in the 19th century, and it might not be necessarily better to taste good, but it is so much safer for the consumer.

All in all, everyone wants a healthier lifestyle and a lot of those people have to start considering doing it today because, in the end, it is all going to cost us if we don’t.


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